We are a KJV Bible believing Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church located in Lakewood, Ohio.

2051 Quail Street

Lakewood, Ohio




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NorthCoast Baptist Church was started in Lakewood in October 2004. Pastor Lutz and his family were sent out by the Cleveland Baptist Church, located on Tiedeman Rd in Brooklyn, Ohio to start the work here in Lakewood. The church originally held services in the Aristocrat Assisted Living Building, located near the corner of Bunts and Detroit Avenue. They met every Sunday morning at first, and after a family in the city was saved, started mid-week services in their home on Mars Avenue. Eventually a Sunday night service was added which was also held at the Aristocrat.

In 2006, NorthCoast took a big step forward in two ways. One, it was officially organized and constituted as an independent autonomous Baptist church in January. Just two months later, the church purchased the current building in which we are located on Quail St in the Historic Birdtown section of Lakewood.  We were able to hold our first service in our new building on Palm Sunday 2006.

We have now been on Quail St for the past 17 years. The church has continued to grow together in unity, in number, in bible knowledge, and in impacting our Jerusalem, our Judea, Our Samaria, and the uttermost part of the earth for the Cause of Christ.